John Deer's Embroidery Legacy

Hi... I’m John Deer owner of Adorable Ideas. In the early 1950’s my grandparents opened our first Schiffli Loom factory and by the early 90’s we had grown to two factories operating both Schiffli Looms and multi-head machines. We were high volume commercial embroiderers producing millions of emblems per year. My grandfather’s number one rule was that “designs need to be digitized well or we’ll lose money”. This gave me the unique opportunity to begin my career apprenticing as a manual pantograph puncher at the age of 17, digitizing for Schiffli looms. Over the years I’ve continually adapted these old school techniques with today’s modern software programs, creating designs that are both beautiful and machine friendly... my grandfather's rule is still the foundation of our business today! In the mid 90’s I launched Punch Perfect, a commercial digitizing house. During that time I personally won 30 Digitizing Awards, including Impressions Magazines 1998 Digitizing of Distinction, 1998 EMB Grand Champion and the 2001 Stitches Magazine Stitch-Off Grand Prize. I also had the opportunity to write over 50 articles in commercial trade publications and taught at numerous commercial venues including the ISS Shows, DAX Shows, Bobbin World, Imprint Canada and the NNEP Shows. Over a decade ago I entered the Home Embroidery market and Adorable Ideas was born. In the early years I taught at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, Creative Embroidery Conference, Sew-Quilt Festival, Sewing & Stitchery Expo and the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. Adorable Ideas has hosted 100’s of Embroidery Events at dealers all across the United States, Australia and Canada. I also authored the book “Digitizing Made Easy” published by Krause Publications and have produced numerous educational DVD’s for embroidery and digitizing enthusiasts. I now resided in Costa Rica focusing on creating designs that push the boundaries of detail, as well as developing a series of “Brand Specific” streaming “E-classes” that teach the process of digitizing from the ground up. My goal now is to pass on the gift that I was born into by creating beautiful designs and teaching the theory that I was so blessed to receive.