Jiusko (Jee/ass/Ko) is a truly international brand that is proudly manufactured in China. However, the Chinese Watchmakers who have made this brand famous in the East, received some help. Jiusko’s Watchmakers have been trained by the Swiss, they use precision parts and movement from Japan and service and repairs for Jiusko is managed in the North American headquarters based in New York City. Over 10,000 Americans are now sporting Jiusko USA’s high quality time pieces. Chen Jiasheng, our lead designer mastered his craft while working with Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Piaget. While working with some of the world’s most expensive watch brands, Mr. Chen learned their secrets and became inspired to create affordable watches with the same design principles used by these high-end brands. With hundreds of designs under his belt, Mr. Chen believes the uncompromising quality offered by Jiusko USA is on par with elite brands where he spent years honing his skills. He has achieved his goal of making watches of elite quality that are reasonably priced. In 2014, the US branch was established and for the first time, Jiusko brought their famous brand to the USA, to the thrill of many collectors and watch enthusiasts familiar with the Jiusko story. Prior to this time, Americans who could only purchase the watches overseas. Beyond world-class designs and quality, Jiusko offers world class service and assurance out of their New York City headquarters. This includes: A 5 year movement warrantythat is on par with the elite brands Chen learned his craft from 30 day love it or return itwith no questions asked and free shipping in the USA Any movement that does not live up to the Jiusko commitment to quality will be repaired. Customer Service– Jiusko USA prides itself on high quality customer service. If you have any questions, contact us at custservice@jiuskousa.com Whether you’re looking for a classic time piece for everyday use or a rare tourbillon to add to your collection, you’ve come to the right place.