THIS PAGE IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE PAGE!!! READ MORE! Because of my love for Home Decor, Fragrance and just making the house a home I knew Scentsy Wickless was the perfect business for me but this page is more than that. This page is not only my journey but sharing the amazing things WOMEN do around us. I am awe struck by all the things AMAZING GIRLBOSSES and BOSS MOMS do around us. From balancing a healthy lifestyle, to being a successful GIRLBOSS, to throwing the perfect party, to implementing creative ideas with family. I always seem to be saying, “WOW she is amazing, or How Does She do that”? While none of us is perfect, we all seem to be striving to become better. Better mothers, better wives, better business owners. This page is to share my journey along with anything and everything I find that will help you in yours! Join me here for tips, tricks, shares and just FUN stuff that will help us get thru the daily grind and BE BETTER BOSSES in EVERY THING WE DO!! THE SCENTSY STORY: http://youtu.be/ypo6R45Qba8 Please visit my website to see a little more and lurk around. That is what I did until I finally just joined. We can certainly talk about that too. www.WicklessElite.com