Jetts Kwinana

Working out should be on your terms. Life is busy enough, and your time is precious so we’ve designed a gym for people like you who want to get results without spending hours and hours at the gym. Also, to keep it simple and convenient to hit the gym Jetts members can use over 250 gyms, 24/7 across the world. While most gyms will lock you into a contract, we know life changes so our Freedom Direct Debit membership gives you the flexibility of no lock-in contracts – so you can stay with us because you want to, not because you have to. Our purpose is to inspire you to live a better life, so you can create your edge and run with it, be bold and back yourself, keep moving forward and ultimately live life on your terms. Jetts Kwinana house rules: * Be kind to one another. Just as you learned how to be nice to one another in kindergarten, we expect the same level of maturity on our page. * Keep it clean. Speak to fellow fans (and to us) like you would speak to your mum. Swearing and offensive language will not be tolerated and your comments will be deleted. If the language persists from any one individual, we reserve the right to block your future access to our page. * No junk mail please. Whilst we take a vested interested in our followers, please don’t post spam or links to third party websites on our page. * Content. Sometimes we post links to content or images that we think will engage you (the members of our audience) but that we do not own. If you own any of the images that we post and would like us to remove them, please let us know and we will take them down straight away. * This is for you. Use this page to discuss things, get to know us and keep up-to-date. Our Jetts Kwinana team will remove any comments that don’t play by the house rules at our own discretion. Repeat offenders may be blocked from posting in the future. Don’t let it be you! Staffed hours: Mon-Thur 8:30am to 11:30am & 3:30pm to 7pm Friday 8:30am to 2pm Saturday 9am to 12pm