Jamie Lee Miller

Hey, How's it going? I've felt for the longest time that there was something more that life is made of. Something more that I am meant to do. Yet, struggling to survive with a 40hr to 48hr work week at a job I hate has made it one of the hardest things to do. There are so many dreams I have, and so many other things that I want to do to help others. Being a single mom raising two boys is rough when there is one income coming in, and two colleges looking at. What happens when you can afford to go to work or eat, not both? What happens when you have to choose which bill to pay, and have to juggle? What happens when all you are is tired, hungry, and just want to enjoy life instead of watching it from the back seat through pictures? Well, this is what happens! You make a decision to change your life! You hunt and wander looking for opportunity after opportunity. Until you come upon a page just life this, and can feel it in your gut this is where I can show the world my potential. We got to chase those dreams! And I am on a mission to make my dreams goals, not just dreams!