Irie Outfitters

We are the proud parents of 3 beautiful young children, two of whom are twins and are only born 15 months apart from our oldest child. We went from zero small ones to three in less than 2 years. We know that raising three young children can often be a challenge, and it is easy to forget to slow down, enjoy, and find the joy in all of it. It is our hope that we will help you, as a fellow parent, to do just that through our products, services, advice columns and stories. So what is irie, you may ask? While you should first know, that this word has a very special meaning to us. After getting married, we took a honeymoon to Jamaica. While there, we learned that when someone asks, “How are you today?”, the common response is “Everything is irie.” This means that life is beautiful and joyful. It is the highest feeling one can have. We loved this response. We later made irie a part of our daughter’s name, and thus the special meaning to us. Irie Outfitters is our product line dedicated to parents of small kids. Through our products we hope to offer more irie to parenting. Our first official product will be released in the beginning of 2018.