The iOgrapher Mobile Media Case for iPad Mini is the first all purpose filmmaking case for the iPad Mini. Made from high grade polycarbonate, iOgrapher is extremely tough and durable enough to withstand any shooting environment - from your high school football game, your kids’ birthday party to that pro shoot you may be prepping for your next big film. Add 37mm lenses to a convenient, threaded lens mount for wide angles, fisheye looks, and macros for those extreme close ups. iOgrpaher even has mounts for attaching lighting and audio gear on its 3 accessory shoes across the top. Want to set up your iPad Mini in one spot for continuous shooting? Simply mount the iOgrapher to any standard standard tripod, monopod or portable dolly. A rugged tripod mount will handle them all. While we don’t provide the added gear, our team of professional filmmakers has lots of great suggestions for how to find the best accessories for the type of shooting you want to do, and that best fit your budget. Check out the Accessories page on our site.