Innovet Pet Products

About Innovet Innovet is a medical technology company with offices in Gardena and Manhattan Beach, CA that serves Veterinary clinics, researchers and the general public. Founded in 2005, Innovet Pet Products has the singular distinction of focusing on the treatment of pets that are hard to train or medicate. Innovet began selling its flexible silicone tipped ear syringes for Dogs in 2006 under the Flexoject® brand name. In 2007 the Flexoject® brand was refined and expanded to include larger units, becoming the leading syringe for hand feeding any type of pet. From 2008 through 2012, Innovet used the turn down in the economy as an opportunity to focus on research and development. This resulted in many dramatic product breakthrough's including: - Tracerz® scent marking system for blind pets - PurOtic® ear cleaning system for Dogs and Cats - BioPel™ natural flea control for Dogs - PurBreath™ all natural oral care gel (coming soon) - All natural shampoos (coming soon) - HotSpot™ all natural itch relief (coming soon) In 2012 Innovet Pet Products merged with TLM Research Labs LLC. The merger has expanded its base of engineers, scientists, medical doctors and sales professionals. Together the Innovet team strives to seamlessly integrate cutting edge technology with practical solutions to problems that every pet owner will encounter. Our goal is to give the modern pet owner reliable and innovative tools to assist their pet in the safest and most effective way possible. website: