Eliza Pena

Game over monotonous life!!! My name is Elizabeth my husbands name is Jesse, we are parents of two awesome boys, with another one on the way. I am a collage graduate, with a degree in biomedical science. I have worked myself from the bottom of my career to where I am now without any shortcuts or free passes. I been working for Cancer Laboratory as a lab supervisor for the past year in a half. Don’t get me wrong I love my career and being able to provide an honest diagnosis to our patients. What I didn’t love is the routine that came with a 9-5 and missing out on pivotal moments in my sons lives. My husband works for New York City Department of Sanitation. A physically demanding job with a very unpredictable schedule, especially during the winter. There are times three weeks go by without him seeing me or the boys due to our opposite schedule or his mandatory 24hr shift. We were both tired of being tired and living paycheck to paycheck. So last summer we decided to start a business. We opened up a pressure washing company that seem to do extremely well for it just being the first season. The problem was we live in New York and the business was seasonal. Now we were an addition 55k in debt, without enough saved to keep the bills up to date during the off season. My husband had no other choice but to get a part time job, just so we can keep our head above water with the business loan. We were both just working to live! Although we were head over heels in debt, we decided to roll the dice again. We were ready to live the life our family deserved and most importantly were ready to make a difference. We knew that with the right system as well as mentor-ship we would be successful and this lifestyle we have always dreamed of is possible. It’s time to LIVE! It’s time to be a GOAL DIGGER! So why not ride this amazing wave together. Just click on the link below or let me know if you want more info! time2beagogetter.com