Imalent Flashlights

Imalent is a leading Flashlight company, it's expert engineering team are masters of EDC and heavy-use flashlights. No matter your preference, we're sure you'll find an Imalent flashlight that suits your need! Check out our website; As well as our CPF Forum: The innovative design concepts and superior performance of Imalent LED Flashlights are a result of our best-in-class R&D team. Not only do they exhibit a vast knowledge and technical expertise, but they also possess the necessary passion for the outdoors. We believe that in order to produce for the wilds, you need to know the wilds. This is why Imalent products are often the preferred choice for professionals engaged in unforgiving activities. Whether mountaineering, search and rescue, avalanche rescue, law enforcement, or other military and outdoor pursuits, we understand that the best light is the one that never fails. The pedigree of our experts and the heritage of the outdoors has also allowed us to make some of the best Every Day Carry flashlights money can buy. While the needs of urban lifestyles vary from that of the great outdoors, we still standby that the best light is the one that never fails. - Imalent