Ibagari Boutique Hotel

Ibagari Boutique Hotel - Art, design, and atmosphere come together and leave a mark on each of our guests, influencing the entire Ibagari experience and making it truly unique. Having our guests be one with the sea, nature, wind, and light is our ultimate purpose. Our reason for being is intimately related to nature and all that it provides and allows us to do. That is why the island and our surroundings play a very important role in Ibagari Boutique Hotel’s services and overall experience. From the first concepts and drawings to the last details in construction and design, Ibagari is and always will be a product of what this island has given us. We are completely committed to our environment, always respecting it through our services, activities, and design. Ibagari knows that by teaching and raising awareness, we can all contribute to build a better life and leave a positive footprint on this planet. We believe in sustainability and leading a greener life!