iMend Phones

We do three things at iMendPhones others don’t, can’t or won’t. 1. Assess - Understand what your smart device needs to do to make your life better in today’s world 2. Repair - Make sure that your device is doing what it’s supposed to (and it can’t do that with a cracked screen or damaged components) 3. Protect – Ensure your device remains functional and looking great and your data is safe and easily accessible And we do this for each and every one of our customers not just because we can but because we care. Operating from our designated tech-hub, our specialised team is made up of innovators, passionate about how we can help your devices make your life easier. We live in a world where it is okay to expect everything and anything from the products and services we purchase, live with and depend on. Your smart phone or device is a prime example. But imagine if you dropped, broke or drowned your in water, we can help with data recovery: Calendar, photos, social media connections, access to bank accounts, friends, family, directions, passwords, drafts, reservations, tickets, coupons, favourite clips, movies, songs, recordings, books, images… your life! There is only one answer - Innovation and superior customer service are all that matter when looking after increasingly complex devices for an ever more sophisticated customer base. That’s why, since our 2012 inception on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, we’ve offered mobile repair services and advice for people who were passionate about the products. Today, repairs to all the major brands and accessories, recycling, mobile/courier and post-in services and spot-on advice are only part of the story. Next up? Wider business integration Growth through sustainable commercial practices Cross-promotions, partnerships, smart hub builds and more… iMendPhones does much more than simply fix your phone, we are here to enhance your life.