Howard Hanna Real Estate, Formerly CMK Real Estate

NYS Real Estate Broker In June of 2008, CMK was founded on the principles of innovation, positive attitude and a strong work ethic to get results for our customers.CMK has held these principles first and foremost as the marketplace continues to change. These attributes have brought CMK a growth in sales volume EVERY year. CMK has sold over $249.5 million in volume since 2010 - $63.3 million in 2015 alone. These numbers demonstrate undeniably that CMK delivers results. With more than 50 agents in six offices covering the entire Capital District and Southern Adirondacks, CMK is an established leader in real estate. Maintaining our focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, plus our quality work ethic, will continue to deliver results. Emphasis on these principles is what brought CMK to where we are today, and it is what will keep us a leader in real estate for the future. CMK is Energy.Innovation.Results