Hmong Women Today

Purpose Statement: Hmong Women Today is a call for all women to come together, to lead passionate, inspiring and empowering lives so that they can influence positive change in the world. Vision: We create opportunities for Hmong women to come together to redefine, rediscover and reclaim their unique self in a safe space that honors vulnerability so that they can rise to own their power, foster supportive relationships and shine their light in the world. Core Message We believe that if we create a community for impassioned women to connect with, learn from and hold a safe space for each other to grow, then they will rise to own their vulnerability as their power, and therefore, empowering them to lead a life of purpose. Core Values: Empowered, Free, Thrive At HWT, our deepest desire is to see Hmong women of today be empowered to make supportive choices for themselves, feeling free to express who they are wholeheartedly and thrive both in life and in their careers. We made these our core values in guiding us in moving forward as an organization.