Hellotalk Language Exchange Mobile App

HelloTalk - The 1st Language Exchange Social Mobile App in the world. * Find native speakers of the language you are learning locally or worldwide * Help each other learn foreign language through text and voice language exchange * Share photos with your language partner about your life and home country culture The best way to learn a foreign language is to practice with real people. If you are a native English speaker learning Chinese Mandarin, ideally you would want to meet native Chinese speakers learning English. HelloTalk is the first mobile app in the world that does just that. HelloTalk has unique text and talk exchange mode: - Write 500 characters in one language and then switch to another language - Talk 5 minutes in one language and switch to another language for 5 mins - HelloTalk manages language exchange text and time counting automatically Language learners, what are you waiting for? Say Hello, Talk to your language partner today!