Heidelberg Central Shopping Precinct

Heidelberg retailers and professionals are about quality – quality and assistance for our valued customers. We are about choice – offering a variety of businesses for you to choose from. We are all about service – good old fashioned services where the customer is always right and the advice provided is backed with years of experience. Our local community is vitally important to us and we support our local schools and community groups. We encourage and sponsor activities within our boundaries that give profile to those community groups. Creating a pleasant, fresh, safe environment for our customers to shop is always one of our top priorities and we believe that in Heidelberg Central we are achieving this. Our shopping precinct prides itself on our great mix of vibrant businesses, from fashion and shoes, to hair and beauty, to cars and technology. We have a total of approximately 222 separate businesses that operate within our precinct. Heidelberg Central is a one stop shopping centre that is forever changing to meet the growing demands of our thriving and diverse community.