Go Healthy With Stefan

Stefan is an LA-based actor, aspiring director and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. Stefan was born in the panoramic town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria where he grew up in a family of doctors. He was raised in a healthy non-toxic environment where his parents’ main goal was to provide him with the knowledge and conditions to NATURALLY build healthy eating habits and achieve a BALANCED BODY. During his early childhood, Stefan was also encouraged to be active and participate in sports. That’s how he started skiing at the age of 4. Later on he switched to snowboarding and as a teenager, he became 7th in the Bulgarian National Snowboard Competition in 2007. Stefan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theater and Dance from University of New Hampshire, USA. There, he was part of the university’s JUDO team and he became a vice champion of the State of New Hampshire in 2009. In 2013, Stefan decided to share his knowledge, experience, observations and researches he has done (in the food/healthy living/fitness fields) with the world and wrote “Awaken Your Healthy Genes.” Book.