Healthy Hair with Amber

Hi, I’m Amber Alrifai, Market Mentor at Monat. I feel truly blessed with the life I’m living right now and I believe it’s my mission to share my story with you. I want to spread the knowledge and experience I’ve gained, which has changed me and allowed me to understand my real purpose in life. I was always asking myself, whether a different concept of life than I’m living exists. I wanted to spend more time with my loved ones, be financially independent and travel the world. Although, my mindset didn’t allow me to think it was possible. That it can only happen to someone else – to the “lucky” people. But this is so not true! I’m the living proof, that finding your true passion might fill your heart with love and happiness, which you haven’t felt before. Also, it’s a dream life financially, too. My story is similar to hundreds or thousands of other women – maybe you’ll even find a part of yourself in it? After meeting the love of my life, we moved to Calgary, Alberta to start building a life for ourselves. I studied Business, got licensed in the financial industry and joined the corporate world. Working long hours, any hours and all hours, but I loved what I did! When we decided we want to expand our family, it didn’t go as planned: after five long years of struggling with fertility we finally went on the path of IVF and were thankfully blessed with our now 14-month-old son Zayden. During my pregnancy my sister approached me about this new business opportunity just being launched in Canada, but I was so quick to say no and didn’t even try to understand what it was all about. It all sounded to me as another sales pitch and my mindset (the same mindset that told me I couldn’t be one of the “lucky” ones) didn’t allow me to believe that there might be something worth listening to. The story would have ended here, but my sister started going on incentive trips to Hawaii, Vegas, making new friends. When she came back home for the holidays, she was driving a brand new Cadillac only 8 months being into the business! All of this happened to her while being a mom of two, a photographer, a franchise owner and having a husband who works away for a month at a time. My mindset had no more arguments, when my sister told me, “No one is busier than I am, you can do this too!” The thought of getting back to the crazy corporate world and leave my son gave me anxiety. I joined Monat, as I thought I did not have anything to lose, and I never looked back. I’m only a few months away from getting my own set of keys. I’ve never been happier and never felt more fulfilled than I am now. Last but most importantly...Monat products ACTUALLY WORK! They are one of a kind and getting testimonials and such amazing feedback from my clients reassures me that I am making a difference. I am here for you.