We build beautiful digital things. Our passion comes from the love of technology, and a desire to create things that makes world a better and kinder place. We love working for the small and medium sized business. We help them focus on driving growth by helping them with all aspects of their software technology products: 1. New product development - let's "hatch" those plans 2. Maintenance and support - give us your non-sexy work 3. Internet of Things - like magic 4. Insights and reporting - may the force of "data" be with you Check out our services here:http://hatchplan.io/#offerings We love working with Entrepreneurs and we have a few specials just for them: 1. Dream Catcher - an simple and inexpensive way to get that idea out of your head and let it roam free in this world 2. CTO as a Service - you've got a market to develop and you don't specialize in technology. We do, let's talk. Check out our Entrepreneur Specials here: http://hatchplan.io/#entrepreneur Got a technology product that needs to launch on tight budget? Let's connect. http://hatchplan.io/#contactUs