HAND MD Transformative Skincare is the first line dedicated to the study and rejuvenation of aging hands. Research shows that most people can accurately guess a woman's age just by viewing her hands. The hands are the workhorses of the body and under constant assault: we’re gripping a steering wheel, scrubbing dishes, exposing our hands to harsh ingredients and chemicals, and they are in the sun with zero protection. Hand MD Restorative Duo is two formulations that layer together for a powerful synergistic effect: a Reparative Serum with potent anti-aging ingredients and an Antioxidant-packed Rich Moisturizing Cream. We are taking the guess work out of what to layer when and instead, providing two formulas designed to give the hands a one-two punch against the signs of aging. Our clinical studies were done on women ages 40 - 65 (not 30’s) and resulted in a significant increase in hydration, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and overall radiance. Our second product, Hand MD Daily Hand Renewal SPF 30+ protects, hydrates, and treats, easily outperforming the "only a moisturizer" daily hand cream women currently use. A recent study showed that people who used daily sunscreen had no detectable increase in skin aging after 4.5 years. Daily Hand Renewal offers broad spectrum SFP 30+ sun protection plus hydration while working to reverse damage, improving skin’s structure and the hand’s youthful radiance. Its exclusive age-defying blend of turmeric, caffeine and niacinamide promotes cell renewal and younger-looking skin. We are proud to announce that both products are launching on QVC. QVC broadcasts live to more than 100 million households, and ranks as the number one home shopping network and the number two television network in terms of revenue, with sales in 2012 giving a net revenue of $8 billion! The most popular QVC show to date is "The Lisa Robertson Show". Focused on fashion and beauty, "The Lisa Robertson Show" has about 8 episodes per year, the most recent was a Valentine’s Day show and every product aired completely sold out. Hand MD Restorative Duo will launch on March 21st at 7pm PST where millions of women will be introduced to the line and thousands of them placing their order immediately. Hand MD Daily Hand Renewal will launch on QVC in April.