Gymnastics Central Victoria

Gymnastics Central provides an opportunity for all children between the ages of 1-5yrs old to develop holistically through play, not only physically but also socially, emotionally and cognitively. Guided by Olympic coach Tracey Penaluna in a safe, challenging and fun environment. Kindergym activities are inclusive and suitable for all children regardless of gender or ability. Fine motor skills, Spatial and Body awareness, Proprioception, Sensory processing and integration, Balance and Vestibular stimulation are amongst the many benefits children will gain through Kindergym. Tracey Penaluna has coached on the International Stage for over 15 years, boasting many Commonwealth Games Medallists and World Championship/Olympic Games athlete representation. Tracey looks forward to offering this service to the Community. Gymnastics Central Consulting, offers a range of services to Victoria and Australian Clubs, to enhance the results and achievements of athletes, coaches and staff. Contact Tracey today to see where she can help!