Laura Kelly - Grieve NOW

Laura Kelly is an expert in grief. As a transformational coach, she specializes in both grief and BRCA mutation awareness. Her journey through significant loss was a catalyst for her dedication to serving women by guiding them through the grief process. Laura’s superpower is seeing the light in any area of darkness. She has proven that you can break the blocks that hold you back and actually find out who you truly are in the process of grief and loss. She has personally pulled herself out of the depths of darkness and awoken to a life full of colour, purpose, and fulfillment by looking through a different lens. Laura shares her secrets with others to change their individual views on loss, death, grief, and tragedy. Through her unique coaching methods she has shown others that the struggles, tragedies, and emotional pain can be healed and used to bring out the best possible you on the other side. She helps women connect with their soul through meditation and self-love, empowers women to honour their experiences and teaches them to understand that their personal journey is special and to honour themselves for having been faced with these obstacles which in turn deepen their appreciation to life's beautiful miracles. After having her breasts removed, Laura became an advocate for BRCA Mutation Awareness. She speaks passionately about the issue at colleges, regularly raises funds for Women’s College Hospital and shares her story at Breast Cancer events. As an expert at grief and loss, she has guided many women through their own personal journeys with BRCA, as well as their decision to undergo Preventative Double Mastectomies. She understands the hardship that accompanies this decision and continues to walk the path with these women so they feel supported and empowered in their experience. Laura is highly spiritual, interested in different cultures, a travel junkie, yoga lover, deeply caring, outgoing, fun loving and free spirited. She believes deeply that everything happens for a reason! Laura completed Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass, trained with John C. Maxwell and has studied personal growth intensively throughout the last 5 years.