Greetings Virginia

Founded by real estate broker and guru Dan Rochon, the Greetings Virginia Real Estate Sales Network with Keller Williams Realty is a full-service real estate sales brokerage in Virginia that helps clients in the Washington metro region buy and sell properties in all price ranges. Visit to find helpful hints to buy a home, sell a home, or invest in real estate in Northern Virginia. “I thought Dan Rochon and his real estate sales team in Virginia did an excellent job! I hired a contractor through Dan and they kept their eye on the condominium and made sure everything was done as it should’ve been and I was really pleased with that. Dan and his team also cleaned belongings out from the apartment which was really nice. All in all I think they did a great job selling our condo, I was very happy with the results! You should use” - Nick --------------------------------- "Working with Dan Rochon and his real estate sales brokerage in Alexandria, VA was better than I expected. Overall, I had no problems with anything throughout the whole home buying process. I think it’s a great real estate sales brokerage and I would definitely recommend them!" - Ruben --------------------------------- "The real estate agents with were fabulous! They helped me out every step of the way while buying a home in Virginia and answered all my questions. I knew I had a small budget to buy a home for the area I was looking, along with a pretty hefty want list for my budget. But, they were able to find me a house that fit my needs. When the home inspection came back with the house needing a new roof and structural issues, they were able to get the seller to replace both so that I was able to move in with no major concerns." -Tina Jonkers --------------------------------- "The result was that we ended up having a successful short sale on our home. The real estate sales team with hung in there and continued to market the house, and we ended up getting it through. if you need to do a short sale in Virginia, you should contact" -Mark and Christina Ross --------------------------------- "We got a house that I am happy with! They also put me in contact with people to help do repairs once I had bought the house. There was a drainage problem with the house and they helped coordinate with the sellers to prevent further damage and make sure that everything was cleaned up before move in. If you are looking for a real estate agent with a lot of resources, you should contact Dan Rochon with" --------------------------------- "Dan and Traci Rochon with were great to work with. They sold the property very quickly and were communicative through every step of the process. This was important to me as it was my first time selling a home." --------------------------------- "Dan and Traci were amazingly attentive real estate agents. They really honed in on our feedback and enabled us to narrow our search and only look at quality real estate prospects and made our house buying experience much easier. If you are looking for an attentive real estate agent in Northern Virginia, you should contact --------------------------------- “Dan and his team at got the end result that I needed. He’s a wonderful, warm, personable person and great to work with. I would recommend him to other people in need of any kind of real estate advice. He’s definitely well-versed on the entire real estate process and did everything that he could to make it easier for me.” - Rebecca --------------------------------- "Dan Rochon did a two week close on my place! He was working endlessly to make that happen and sure enough, he did! I mean everything was so fast and furious. We were able to get all of the forms done, paperwork done, and close on time. Through this effort, we were able to get the house that I purchased at a lower price because we were able to close the real estate sale so quickly! If you are looking for a true real estate professional, you should contact” - Shaun --------------------------------- "When I worked with Dan Rochon and his real estate sales team at I was actually able to get a house that was a lot nicer than I expected! Even though it was out of my price range, we were able to work out a deal to get it into my price range. I’m very happy with the house I ended up buying and I ended up getting a much larger house than I expected. Everything went really well!” - Chris --------------------------------- "My experience working with the Greetings Virginia ( team was top notch! I was always informed with what was going on and they kept me posted on who was interested in buying my home in Alexandria.” - Tim --------------------------------- "Dan Rochon with took a nearly impossible situation with a challenging homeowner and a home that wasn’t in the best shape and was able to work through these difficulties while selling the house for a great price! He showed great patience working with the homeowner when they didn’t want to sell the house but needed to. He also gave great advice for getting the home for sale in Alexandria, VA in a better condition.” - Silas