Grady's Pizza and Subs Rodney Parham

In March of 1981, we decided to bring to the public the type of pizza we made at social gatherings. Now many a defunct restaurant started with this same premise of bringing a family recipe that everyone raved about and taking it commercial only to be out of business within one year. Starting a restaurant is a bit like drilling for oil, one needs knowledge and luck; make that a heavy dose of luck. (It doesn't hurt to have a strong back as well.) Grady's has adhered to our hope of serving a pizza consisting of first rate ingredients and enough of them to set us apart and leave no one feeling cheated. We make every attempt to serve our guests according to their personal tastes or desires. You will discover that at Grady's you can order a pizza almost an way you can think to combine toppings. We thank God everyday for our strong backs and the heavy dose of luck He provides and hope that your dining experience will be enjoyable.