GloryFeel Nutrition

We want you to feel good. Health, vitality and general well-being is very important to most people. There are many strategies for a healthy diet in order to give our body all necessary vital substances. But which method is the best one for which lifestyle? Vegetarian, vegan or low-carb? How many nutrients remain in our food nowadays? Is it really enough to have a normal, balanced diet to strengthen our immune system and does our body really get all vital substances and trace elements like this? This is exactly what the founders of GloryFeel, Oliver Hanke and Ulrich Iven, deal with. While looking for an optimal supply of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants they found a method of an alternative medicine called orthomolecular medicine. This kind of medicine assumes that today’s food and nutrition are too one-sided and thus are the cause for a biochemical imbalance in our body. An undersupply of vitamins, mineral substances and amino acids may lead to less vitality and less concentration. Also, diseases such as depression, neurodermatitis and cancer may occur easier like this. Since the inner balance is the very foundation of our health it is important to support it with all necessary vital substances in form of nutritional supplements in order to successfully weaken diseases of that kind. We from GloryFeel want to accomplish this. This is why we pay attention to the manufacturing of nutritional supplements of high quality at a fair price. All the ingredients we use for our products are natural and free from chemical additives. We believe that it is possible to counteract and to reduce any undersupply. It is quite difficult to take completely care of the body, vital substances and nutritions just by eating in a balanced way. With our natural food supplements and your healthy diet we are an unbeatable team for the preservation of your health and vitality.