WE USE BUSINESS FOR GOOD We empower remarkable artisans in remote areas with the tools to build sustainable businesses. Providing connection and guidance, we help our partners feel stronger, more confident and in control of their lives through the expansion of their craft. As servant leaders, we improve the lives of our artisans so they can take great care of themselves, their families and their communities. WE ARE THE SOUL OF CRAFT We love curating and sharing sublime creations made by hand with our community. We search the world for exceptional craftwork created by artists in small collectives where their techniques are rapidly vanishing. We believe that through our success, we can excite young artisans to learn these incredible techniques from their elders to help their art thrive. WE GIVE THE WORLD We help our customers discover amazing goods in distant lands from the comfort of their home. Through our delightful, useful and vibrant goods, we offer our customers the means to feel well-traveled and culturally experienced. For our artisans in the developing world, we give their business global reach as we connect them with customers to share their extraordinary creations and inspiring stories. WE ARE COMPASSIONATE STORYTELLERS We have love for everyone. We cultivate this sense of caring by treating others with compassion, reverence and respect. As we share powerful stories from our community, we help people realize that we can learn something from everyone and that each of us matters in a world that continues to grow more interconnected.