Global Harmony Crew

The purpose of this page is to help people manifest a truly beautiful life from a place of joy and knowledge of Self. Like a tree needs deep roots to grow large branches, humans need to understand themselves to live truly remarkable lives. We have a dual focus of self-realization and self-actualization. Self-realization is growing your roots. It is to realize your true nature of unity – of Oneness. You are not a victim, but the powerful creator of your own experience. All that you could ever desire is already and always available to a part of your being. Let the content point you in the direction of discovering this in your own experience. Self-actualization is spreading your branches and creating the life you desire, from joy. You can do this by enjoying the process, not depending on the outcome; by learning to create any mental state you desire and by using life-hacks. We provide you with the methods that have been proven to work for others and the methods we have found to work in our own lives. We approach these two aspects from as many angles as possible to further deepen your understanding. We offer one on one coaching. For in-depth articles and other resources, visit If any page owner reading this would like to partner up and help each other grow, please get in touch. If you want your content shared on GHC, also get in touch, and we can make an arrangement that suits everyone. Copyright Notice: Images on our page are either licensed for our use or CC0 licence. We also attempt to attribute all quotes and comments to credit the authors. If you feel an attribution is required for something in our content, please contact us. Some of the other images we use are from others websites or Facebook pages. Where this is the case we have done our best to attribute the owners of these images. If you wish to use any of our images please feel free to download them for use on your own page or website as long as attribution links are kept intact.