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FM Transmitter for iPhone - Wireless Radio Transmitter for iPhone | iPad | iPod. Connect iPhone to your car radio easily and wirelessly. Camera Lenses for iPhone Lens for iphone offers instant attachable SLR lenses for Apple iPhone and iPad2 cameras. We offer a multi-purpose camera lens that is 2 lenses in one. A wide angle lens for wider view angle and a macro lens which allow you to shoot close up subjects. Please see our video for ideas and usage. Fisheye lens offer endless fun. It provides a near 180 degree of wide angle with unique distorted edges. Please see our videos for applications and results. Telephoto lens offers 2x magnification. It provides a telescope look and a spying looking and feel to any of your subject or images. Please see our photo and videos for idea and application. We offer SLR lenses like fisheye, wide/macro and telephoto lenses that makes any ordinary picture or video much more fun and interesting. Your iPhone photography or video will never be the same.