GiftingLife is a brand initiated by Force 21 to provide products and solutions that increase the quality of life. It puts together world-class technologies and solutions that enable families and communities to experience life better. Our Safe Water Solutions, for example, features LifeStraw - an innovative product that makes any water virtually safe to drink. This product makes a big difference for families and communities without affordable access to safe drinking water and is at risk for waterborne diseases. Because for us, everyone deserves clean and safe drinking water. GiftingLife utilizes both business-to-business and community partnership models to deliver its products and services. While we partner with businesses to expand our distribution and reach our target market, we also recognize the limitation of less-advantaged communities to access our products. GiftingLife creates solutions for both segments to make sure that our business stays humane and inclusive. Because in GiftingLife, we believe everyone deserves a quality life.