Get Your Shape Back

Get Your Shape Back (GYSB) is a responsible consumption campaign of Cambodia Brewery Limited (“CBL”), the brewer of the world class brands such as Heineken, Tiger, Tiger Crystal, ABC Extra Stout, Anchor, Gold Crown and Gold Crown Stout; with the main objective of engaging the youth to be aware of the harmful consequences with excessive drinking and adopting a responsible and positive attitude towards alcohol consumption. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire Cambodian youth to stay away from excessive drinking. Basically our message is simple: stay in shape, drink moderately! Our campaign started in 2011 when we launched “if you drink please don’t drive”. In 2013, we injected some light humor into our campaign “have a good night out” that provided more information and knowledge about drinking alcohol. In 2014, we started Get Your Sexy Back campaign that was targeted at the youth as they are young and eager to learn! CBL works together with Ministry of Information, Ministry of Transport, Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia and other stakeholders to drive responsible consumption in this beautiful country, Cambodia!