BeWarned is the Ukrainian accessibility startup which is making apps for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people since 2015. Our hard of hearing cofounder Vitaliy Potapchuk is an opinion leader among the Deaf community in Ukraine. BeWarned has taken part in Startup Sauna Butch Fall’17, one of the best and the most intensive accelerators in Europe. ConnectPRO software which enables the service sector to communicate with the hearing impaired clients via an instant chat which converts speech into text and vice versa. The app is installed by the business which want to provide a better customer experience for the hard of hearing clients. Deaf and Heard of hearing people use the service for free and don’t have to install anything, they can just scan the QR-code (see the video) and use the service starting away. Available in 4 languages: English Finnish Ukrainian Russian Our app ConnectPRO was presented in universities Gallaudet University and RIT.NTID as well as M-Enabling Summit in the USA. Recently, we presented ConnectPRO at Slush 2017, the largest startup conference in Europe.