Geraint Liu

Geraint is a Financial Strategist with one of the leading Financial Institutions in the world, specializing in helping families achieve financial freedom. Geraint is also the Author of "Preparing For Financial Success" and the Founder of "", a Financial Education Website for future and current home owners. After witnessing many of his loved ones suffer from listening to bad financial advice, his lifelong mission is to help as many people as possible make better financial decisions. He strongly believes in developing long term relationships with his clients rather than just making a transaction and that everyone has the capability to achieve financial success, security and freedom if they made the right decisions time after time. Having a learner's mindset has enabled him to study and adopt the best financial strategies abroad to help families achieve financial success, security and freedom. He has already attained the designation of Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP), Associate Financial Planner (AFP) and Associate Wealth Planner (AWP) and is currently pursuing his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). Geraint is a firm believer in the values of integrity, respect and empathy and constantly strives for excellence and self-development for the benefit of his clients. - If you'ld like to be part of this mission to bring endless possibilities to yourself and to the people around you, he would be delighted to work with you. You can reach him via the following methods: Contact Number: +65 96435700 Email: Professional Website: Financial Education Website: