Gay Couples Institute

You just need to use a few tools. Then you can quickly build anything. In 1965 a psychologist by the name of George Bach published this book called "The Intimate Enemy", detailing a new approach to couples therapy. Bach came up with this theory: The problem with couples is that they hold in their anger. He theorized that if you teach couples to air their resentments, they’ll get all the anger out, and feel better. As Bach’s ideas progressed he also decided that more resentment could be aired if couples hit one another over the head with soft foam-padded bats. Again, they'll get their anger out, and the relationship will last forever. Knowing that this premise was not only ridiculous, but that it encouraged domestic violence, a psychologist named John Gottman came along with a brand new idea. Rather than create a new theory, he watched other successful couples to learn their secret to happiness. Amazingly, no one had ever thought to do this. Dr. Gottman published over one hundred peer-reviewed research articles about his findings - they were that amazing. He learned how couples should talk to one another to solve disagreements. He learned how exactly couples last long-term. He learned how they maintain a great sex life (which isn't easy for anyone, unless you know specifically what to do).