GLOW Girls Jamberry Team

Thanks for taking a look at Jamberry! This is a public forum page where our team comes together to work as a team to hold opportunity events, launch parties and more! If you are interested in becoming a "GLOW Girl" Jamberry Nails Consultant, please contact me, Noel Giger, and I will connect you with a leader in our team! About me... I've been with Jamberry since March 1, 2012 and am currently a Premier Executive. Our compensation plan has 13 levels - I'm at level 12 - one more to go! I have the privilege of being a Founders Club Member (one of only 110 consultants) and of leading a very large organization with Jamberry. Jamberry is my full-time job. I am a speaker, coach, trainer and Jamberry lady, as well as mom to 5! My husband is my business partner, being able to retire in January 2015 from his corporate career. We would love to answer any questions you have about our "Jamily" ~ Noel