- Our Mission - To provide astonishing everyday products for you & your best friend. About Us At Furry-Tale, we all come to work every day because we want to provide our customers with exceptional dog products. Everyone is guessing. Pet shops don’t really focus specifically on your dog, how to actually make them happy, or even to give you a fair price for the products you're getting there. Online shops and brands don’t know where their customers are, how to reach them, or even how to approach them. Retail shops aren’t sure which trends and products are suitable for your needs, and what customers want to feel when getting their dog a new toy. It's no secret that dogs have been our best friends since, well, basically forever. As for that, we at Furry-Tale are determined to excel at producing the highest level of dog accessories. We are all about your dog and the strong bond you build and maintain together. Our method of manufacturing is established upon personal knowledge, the information we have gathered throughout the years and precise research with large surveys for dog owners - their likes and dislikes regarding our dog products. Furry-Tale was established in 2016 with the belief of creating a well - known line of unique dog products. All of the company's partners own dogs, dedicating every second of our time to the joy and fulfillment of our loved ones. Join us in this amazing journey while we do our best to give you a compelling experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any reason, we will be more than happy to assist you within less than 12 hours. info@furry-tale.net About us page: https://furry-tale.net/pages/abous-us