FreeGo Electric Bikes

FreeGo’s Own Website Sales Promise Unique to FreeGo, a web shop that sells for the dealer. Customers can buy direct from the FreeGo website shop , FreeGo then send the electric bike over to the customer’s local dealer, the dealer carries out the final inspection and delivers to his local customer. FreeGo provide the greatest amount of help and assistance whilst also providing unrivalled support for the end customer. This is reflected in the growth that’s taken place over just the last year and how FreeGo Electric Bikes have taken the bull by the horns and charged forward with aggressive measures to secure sales through both e-commerce and their local dealers. FreeGo’s new web shop is indicative of how their business runs and the ethic that is behind it. Leaving no stone unturned and nothing to chance they actively promote themselves as suppliers and their dealers as the customer’s direct link for service, maintenance and additional supplies. Email: