Sweet Minerals FredricaDawn Beauty_Warrior

Fredrica Dawn (Freddie) is a Beauty Entreprenuer - her heart is to empower people to live inside out & embrace their beauty through feeling beautiful & empowered. After extensive research & a background of 30 years in the beauty industry - I choose to represent highend, quality, toxin free & cruelty free beauty products. My absolute favorites are Sweet Minerals. I am a Sweet Minerals Team Educator leader. Sweet Minerals has several unusual benefits for the Direct Sales Leader - No breakaways - uncompromising product formulations - hands on leadership - Thorough training - a generous bonus program - and a great growth opportunity as they are ground floor status in the industry! I have the privilege of having been one of the founding Presenters who launched Younique products to the US & the world when it opened in Nov 2012. I & my Younique Passion team accomplished the status of exclusive Presenter with over 5000 of us & a very solid customer base & strong residual income. I chose to leave Younique products in Nov 2016 due to my personal mission and vision for my Business & customers. I am so blessed that I get to 'work' from home in Washington state Globally through Social Media. Part of what makes my work focus unique is my unabashed life mission to conduct business in a way that honors God. I believe passionately in sharing about how the truth found in The Bible can effectively help anyone to run a successful business and have an incredible life. Part of my team culture is to provide opportunities for people within and outside of my team for Bible study, prayer, fitness, Christian mission and financial freedom. While it is not necessary nor required to be a Christian to be on my team - and your personal beliefs are certainly respected! -, it is part of my daily approach to life for my business. My mission... On earth as it is in Heaven!