Forge: Martial Fitness

Forge: Martial Fitness is a martial arts and fitness hub that offers numerous martial arts programs and a fitness program to enhance their usage. For our soft-launch period we are offering the following: 1.) Carlos Hermanos Swordsmanship - an eclectic swords program with a foundation in FMA c/o Kalis Ilustrisimo mixed with various effective techniques from different swordsmanship styles. 2.) Libre Fighting Knife System - an effective knife system focusing on the use of small, everyday-carry knives for self-protection. 3.) Urban Combatives Self-Protection - an efficient hand-to-hand system for offense and defense in urban assault scenarios. Coming this March, we will be offering the ff: 1.) Practical Judo - no-gi Judo system focusing on throws and techniques that can be used in practical, street defense scenarios. 2.) No-gi Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - no-gi BJJ 3.) Technical Muay-Thai - techniques and tactics-based Muay Thai class. Our main fitness program is our Warrior Conditioning circuit program that combines striking on bags and tires with lifting weights and bodyweight/core/cardio exercises, inspired by the training regimens of military and law-enforcement organizations. We also offer one-on-one strength and conditioning training, one-on-one Muay Thai training, and one-on-one pain management and rehabilitation, by appointment basis.