Food-4-Thought is western-style health food restaurant. We create hand-crafted dishes that are delicious and free of chemical additives. Our goal is to make all our ingredients in house so that our customers can be confident that what they are eating is safe and healthy! Also, our food is carefully sourced, using local and organic ingredients from small neighboring farms as much as possible. We serve a well-crafted menu of international flavors which comprises of salads, sandwiches, and wraps - including seasonal specialties. We also offer an exciting and unique assortment of healthy and revitalizing juices, smoothies as well as savory baked goods. WHO WE ARE HEALTHY FOOD > HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT > HEALTHY PEOPLE = SUSTAINABILITY At Food-4-Thought, we believe that more thought should be put towards what we eat, where our food comes from, and how it affects our bodies and communities. Therefore, we are committed to being a trendsetting restaurant that provides quality healthy food for our community while also dedicating ourselves to our core values of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. In adhering to these values, from seed to the dinner plate, we will always strive to achieve beyond our bottom line in everything we do, with the goal in mind of shifting people towards more sustainable and health conscious living. MISSION Our Core Values * Selling the highest quality natural and organic (when possible) products available in Thailand; * Satisfying and surprising our customers with great, healthy food; * Supporting team member happiness and opportunities for the future; * Enjoying profits & growth through a sustainable business model; * Caring about our communities & our environment and actively making positive contributions to both; * Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers through direct relationships; * Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education. Our Goals We see our business as not just a restaurant, but a platform from which to accomplish social change. We hope to achieve the following in this regard: * Put greater power into the hands of consumers by improving access to quality health foods; * Shift the culture away from the growing trends of unhealthy eating, particularly among the youth, by helping to make eating healthy food easier for them; * Provide income generation opportunities and economic growth for disadvantaged farmers by working with them directly; * Encourage transitions back towards organic farming practices and away from chemically intensive methods; * Incorporate renewable energy and responsible waste management into our facilities and systems; * Be an example to other businesses and farmers, encouraging them towards business practices that are positive for society, as opposed to the destructive business models often seen today; * Make strategic alliances with sustainable business leaders, health food providers and relevant NGOs so as to create the widest community impact possible. 2% FOR EVERYONE! At Food-4-Thought, we believe strongly that fixing our food systems is the key to improving a lot of the world’s problems, which is why we commit 2% of all sales towards projects that encourage farmers to maintain or transition towards sustainable farming methods and that persuade consumers, especially young people, to support such efforts by embracing a healthy lifestyle. WE SUPPORT LOCAL! BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNITY > LOCALIZING FOOD PRODUCTION > REDUCING FOOD & ENERGY COSTS = SHARED VALUE We are committed to building community and supporting local economy. We will put these concepts into action by investing in our people and championing local farmers. To do this, we will try our best everyday to set a new standard for staff development as well as the sourcing of product in Chiang Mai city. COMPANY OVERVIEW Our company was established by several idealistic and passionate leaders in the Chiang Mai community, Phanpaporn Phimphisan, Bay Sareephan, and Charles Turner. We are a Limited Partnership Company and so we obviously have to make a profit to survive in the marketplace. But we aim to prove that something different can happen in business and that a company can be successful while still doing what is right for the individual, the community at-large and the environment. Through some luck and your support, we might just be able to bring about some positive change in the marketplace, which we hope will lead to good things for you, us and the planet. Thanks for visiting us on Facebook! Here are some guidelines for commenting on our posts. Please keep positive and friendly towards all! *Please stay on-topic. * No spamming; * No offensive language; * No self-serving or flagrant promotion of goods, sites or services. We may remove any URL for any reason; * No personal attacks (hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments toward a specific individual or group); * No flaming (posting comments intended to induce an angry response). 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