FitnessCamp101 Rickmansworth

At FitnessCamp101 we are experts at getting ordinary people just like you leaner, firmer sexyier bodies. My real passion and area of expertise is in helping real, everyday women and men who seem to hae tried every diet going, train in they gym and have even used a personal trainer yet are STILL frustrated with there bodys! If you are FINALLY ready to get the body you deserve and are sick of the faddy diets and stuffy gym here are the options. FitnessCamp101 is a 4 week course and runs three times per week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Once you have signed up your in for the full 12 sessions over the 4 weeks. The times we run are 9.15am (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at St-John's The Evangelist Church, off Berry Lane And 6.30pm (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at The Princess Marina Sports Complex, The Royal Masonic School off the Chorleywood Rd. FitnessCamp101 package includes 1) 12 sessions over 4 weeks that will have you burning extra calories 24/7 (and that's no hype 2) The Back to Basics Eating plan, that requires no calorie counting and will have you leaner than you though possible in just 4 weeks 3) Adherance charts and tools to keep you on track 4) Access to a privet community website with articles, videos and advice on lifestyle and a whole lot more. This program really dose have EVERYTHING you need to get in the best shape of your life, all you have to do is take the plunge and get involved. Lastly we don't take on new members till the start of a new 4 week block so please check the website for the next start date at Advanced booking is essential as spaces are limited and I would hate you to be disappointed. Email me at : )