Fit With Blake

My name is Blake Maczinski and ever since I could remember, I've had a burning passion for health and fitness. Both my parents were athletic scholars in college, mom being a bodybuilder and my dad being a state champ wrestler. The athletic genes carried into me along with my 4 other siblings through many sports throughout school. For me, it was bodybuilding. I loved it so much, I decided to become a certified personal trainer through ISSA to be able to share my passion and knowledge. Both health/fitness and helping people are my core root of my passion and love. Ive already given people transformations and tools to help them live a tremendously improved quality of life, let me do the same for you! I've also just recently gotten very much into motivational speaking, as listening to it was what got me from extreme apathy about my life to now loving every breath and wanting to get people motivated about life's success and helping them achieve that mindset that everyone strives for! My style of speaking is definitely more assertive and to the point mostly because I believe the blunt honesty is what get the best results the fastest People need to hear the whole truth in order to really make an impact in their life. I do like to cuss when im very passionate and on fire about what im speaking, so some people may not be able to handle that, but it's how I convey the passion that poors out of me. Bottom line is, I believe when people are able to really take in what i say, it makes a huge difference in their life. I've had multiple people give feedback about my everyday posts on facebook and how it's helped them push to be better, and so much more, it speaks magnitudes to me and I want to share my passion with the world!