Fill a Pita

Fill a Pita provides fresh and healthy Middle Eastern food with 100% vegetarian and halal ingredients. The menu is 100% vegetarian and 100% halal - mostly sandwiches in pita (Arabic) bread, salads and dips. Everything is prepared on site daily except for our pita bread. Our pita is sourced freshly baked every morning from a local bakery. There is no egg in any of our dishes and many items can be served without garlic and onion. Our pitaria also offers koshari - an Egyptian dish of rice, macaroni and lentils with red pepper sauce (fried onions are optional). Falafel pita (served with tomato, lettuce and tahina sauce) remains our best seller. We prepare it in a hybrid Egyptian & Lebanese way. Our yoghurt garlic dip is an increasingly popular sauce to add to our falafel. Insights to our food preparation • Our Pita bread is baked daily and locally • Our food is 100% vegetarian (none of our dishes contain egg) • Our food is 100% halal (no alcohol or pork extract in anything we make) We do not charge GST nor Service charge (however, we go out of our way to provide excellent service every time). With thanks - Fill a Pita team