Ryback Reeves

My name is Ryback Reeves and I was born November 10th 1981 at 9:08 pm in beautiful Las Vegas, NV. All my life I have played sports and enjoyed living life to its fullest. I also have always had a hunger for knowledge and love learning about things that I can directly apply to life and to help others. ​I grew up playing baseball, football and soccer, but I always loved professional wrestling. While in school at UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas) studying fitness management I decided to send an audition tape to WWE for a tv show called WWE Tough Enough. I was 22 years old and that would be my introduction into the crazy world of professional wrestling. ​After being picked for Million Dollar Tough Enough I was eventually signed to a WWE developmental contract (think farm league for baseball Single A, Double A Triple A etc) I spent one year in Deep South Wrestling just outside of Atlanta, GA and than was transferred to Ohio Valley Wrestling for a year. I was eventually released before returning to the WWE almost 2 years later, where I was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling. After some time there I was eventually called up to WWE television on a show called NXT. From there things were looking up as I was 28 years old and living my dream. Until one day in August in Hawaii where I broke my ankle in 3 places in a freak accident in the ring and continued to wrestle for another minute or so. During this time I was running on an ankle that was totally unstable and flopping as I tried not to put any substantial weight on it, but I was in the middle of a comeback as we call it in wrestling where action is at a very fast pace. I spiral broke my leg all the way up to my knee and after finishing the match exactly as planned I lay there in disbelief at what just actually happened. I was rushed to the hospital and eventually flown home after getting it put back into place and casted up. ​After an unsuccessful surgery where significant nerve damage was done to my ankle and leg a relatively simple surgery for just broken bones was now career threatening. I was forced to dig deep and open my mind to a whole new level during this process, which required 3 surgeries and a year and a half out of the ring. Three doctors told me I would never wrestle again in this process, but I refused to accept that as my fate. I learned of the phrase Feed Me More years prior as a cook at Smokey Bones in Louisville, KY always joked about my eating habits and he would see me and always say, 'feed you more' and I would reply, "Feed Me More!". It was during this time that this powerful phrase crept back into my head and I used it for motivation during this trying time to remind myself that this is my life and I want more out of it. I was finally able to overcome this huge obstacle in my life and return back to wrestling full time. I still have nerve damage in my ankle and leg where my strength isn't the same and my big toe still cannot move upwards. It affects my balance tremendously, but I have learned to deal with it and work around it. I remain optimistic that one day the nerves will grow back into my tendon in my foot and I will regain some of what I lost, but it hasn't happened yet. While away from the WWE I created the Ryback persona, which is based off a terminator type character. I have always set missions and goals in my life and one night where some alcohol may or may not have been involved watching Terminator 2 I created Ryback. For the last 4 plus years I have been screaming Feed Me More and seem to either be loved or out right hated by the fans of the wrestling world. I have done my best to be the best version of myself day in and day and out and am beyond thankful for everything wrestling has allotted me in this life already. ​ The one thing I am most thankful for is the time I have had while driving from show to show where some drives could be 5-6 hours! I realized I loved riding alone and used this free time to think and to listen to audio books as reading was very hard to do after driving hundreds of miles and getting into a hotel in the wee hours of the morning. It was during this time and the hundreds of books I have gone though and applied aspects of each one to my life where I decided there was more to life than just wrestling . Don't get me wrong I love wrestling and it will always be in my life, but there are much more serious issues in this world and I feel great joy in helping others when I can. That is why I chose to create this website as it is the core of my brand and will be the life blood of me and everything I do in my life moving forward. I truly believe we are meant to have everything we want in life if we believe strongly enough and I choose to live my life that way because it makes me happy. Feed Me More is who I am as a man and it about waking up hungry and feeding your mind, body, and soul. It is about being grateful and saying thank you at the end of the day no matter what closing your eyes as you sleep and when you awaken having the passion and the desire having the internal drive and believe that no matter what you are going to be your best and saying those 3 magic words Feed Me More! I am The Big Guy and I thank you for your love and support and I hope through me and with me we can all be better off tomorrow.