Families Through Surrogacy

Families Through Surrogacy is a global consumer-based non-profit organisation Focused on empowering intended parents, we bring together intended parents, families through surrogacy, surrogates, children through surrogacy and experts in the field. We provide • international best-practice conferences for intended parents • website resources • a quarterly enewsletter • a forum where intended parents can discuss issues of importance Why Conferences For Intended Parents? Surrogacy is becoming a vital means of family formation for many infertile and same-sex attracted intended parents. However • the options available are in constant flux • our understanding of best-practice is constantly improving. • intended parents have a need for reliable information, advice and connections on a journey which will have far-reaching consequences Register at www.familiesthrusurrogacy.com for access to unique website resources Provides access to • updates on our Surrogacy conferences, dates, speakers and early-bird discounts • updates on new developments r • unique website resources, with drill-down details on surrogacy options in your home country and around the world