FERAL Components

SHOOTessa is the 2nd Amendment lifestyle company with a mission to empower women through gun-ownership to live safer, more confident lives. We are hardcore believers that the Second Amendment is the cornerstone of the free society. And only in a free society can women be truly empowered and independent. We recognize the misconceptions and misperceptions that the responsible gun-owners face today. And we believe that empowered women gun-owners are some of the best role models for the current and next generations. With this in mind, we create products that promote the 2nd Amendment and responsible gun-ownership, often in subtle ways that women would feel comfortable wearing not only to the range but to their kids’ events or out with their girlfriends. Let’s be the examples to the world and start striking conversations with our family, friends, and strangers about the importance of armed citizenry for self-defense and independence. 🇺🇸 100% patriotic 🐰 NO gun bunnies allowed