FCC Malaysia

Why FCC? Why NOT! 1) Value for Money - Its woman’s need delivered with high quality yet affordable! 2) Various Certification - GMP - ISO 9001 - International Halal Certificate. 3) Increase in Demand & Awareness -Increase in demands for Halal cosmetics. Not confined to religious viewpoint only but consumers’ CONFIDENCE that comes with HALAL branding = HEALTHY, WHOLESOME, HYGIENIC. - Awareness and interest on Halal cosmetics has increased tremendously among both Muslims and Non-Muslims. Therefore, people find Value for Money products like FCC as an alternative. 4) Environment Friendly - Non-tested on animal. - Ozone friendly (no CFC’s) and promotes recycle activity. 5) Pioneer Brand for Halal Cosmetics - One of the earliest brand for imported Halal cosmetics 6) Trusted Brand & Approved by MOH - Distributed over 118 countries in 6 years ONLY! - Registered and approved by Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia – the products are safe. 7) Natural & High Quality Ingredients - Made from combination of plant and fruit extracts plus various vegetable oils. For examples: Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Argan Oil. - Some also contains Mineral Complex. - Does not contain lead and arsenic. - Lightweight touch and soothing smell.