F45 Training Glebe

WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST F45 TRAINING CENTRE IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. More space, more training, more results. F45 Training is the new training experience leaving competition and clients gasping for air. F45 offers a new revolutionary team training, life changing, 45 minute workout designed to keep you strong, lean and fit. You'll look great and feel great while making new friends. Why you need to come and experience F45: 1. F45 is the training home of some of the hottest athletes and celebs in the world – Adam Ashley Cooper, Nate Myles, Jarrad Hayne, Steven Hoiles, Mitch Chapman, Erin McGowan, Liesel Jones, Nicole Trufino, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Nicole Ritchie, Jake Friend, Mitchell Aubusson, Willie Tonga, Todd Carney, Wade Graham, Adam Blair, Lauren Eagle. 2. F45 is for EVERYONE… F45 is FUN… F45 is suitable for ALL AGES…. F45 can be performed EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK 3. F45 has 10 different styles of programs of which the workouts NEVER get repeated You have all heard about HIIT training and Functional training. Whether you have experienced it or not, F45 is the best of the best. Come and be the judge yourself. At F45 Training Glebe/Camperdown/Forest Lodge we are so passionate about Functional Training and building healthier and happier communities that we want you to try it now. To get your first 2 weeks for $2, go to the 2 weeks for $2 tab here on our Facebook page and fill in your details. Or click here https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=190107&stype=43&prodid=10167 See you there!