Enticing Candles - The Ring in a Candle Company

We pride ourselves in making high quality natural scented candles made from 100% soy wax, essential oils and custom scents. Our bathbombs are all handmade with skin nourishing powders and oils. We are continually experimenting to expand our range and would love to hear from you to know what scents you like and what ring you discovered in your candle and bathbomb. Our Story Enticing Candles began in 2013 making fun candles for friends and family with gifts inside the wax. After seeing the unique experience a surprise candle gave our friends, we developed the candles into high quality products. In 2014 we dedicated our time to the business and now sell to Australia and New Zealand through our online store. Our Mission We aim to make our candles more fun and exciting than our competitors while still providing beautiful mood changing scents which can relax the entire family.