Enriched Academy

EnRICHed Academy is the first of its kind educational program specifically designed to teach teens and young adults how to EARN, SAVE, INVEST (through stocks & Real Estate), MASTER CREDIT and their CAREERS in a way that is totally entertaining and completely easy to absorb. Over the last several years, through hundreds of live speaking events at schools all across North America, EnRICHed Academy has been on a mission to teach students the key skills and lessons behind wealth creation and career success. While the topic of Financial Literacy can be dry, dull and boring, EnRICHed Academy has created an incredibly powerful program that will both educate AND entertain all of its viewers. EnRICHed Academy is a video based program designed so that parents can watch it one section at a time with their teens/young adults and then act on the steps provided in the follow-along workbook including other learning materials. EnRICHed Academy works great for a teen or young adult to work through independently too. Although geared to 10 - 23 year olds, adults of all ages will massively benefit from the teachings covered by EnRICHed Academy.