Elizabeth Mott

Living in New York City and working in the fashion industry had its perks, but working long hours also meant that I didn’t always have time go home and freshen up before going back out again. It especially made it tough to re-apply my makeup at the office (let’s just say the fluorescent lighting in the company bathroom, with smeared panda eyes and clumped lashes, was a rude awakening after a 12 hour day during Fashion Week). I went through hundreds of products, searching for the perfect mascara or eyeshadow that would last all day. I had a hard time finding products that could keep up with my busy schedule. As a Korean-American, I turned to using Korean cosmetics, as I found them to be high performing compared to the US brands here. In fact, the beauty industry experts consider Korean cosmetics to be some of the most innovative in the world! My colleagues would always ask to try my Korean cosmetics, and while they liked it, they didn’t know where to buy it and were unfamiliar with all of the Korean brands. This inspired me to start a line of cosmetics sourced from the very same innovative Korean factories, and Elizabeth Mott was born! Founded in New York City (though now based in Hawaii,) Elizabeth Mott is a beauty company to great brands such as It's So BIG, Thank Me Later, Queen of the Fill and Wat Up Beaches. The company name, Elizabeth Mott, combines two famous New York City streets: Elizabeth Street and Mott Street. These streets are part of the trendy shopping district of NoLita (North of Little Italy). I spent a lot of time in NoLita finding inspiration from the fashion boutiques and people watching.